Eshara Chotoo

CEO, Antares Genomics

Eshara Chotoo is founder and CEO of Antares Genomics and is passionately invested into the growth of Africa through an African led Agenda contributing to Precision Medicine. She advocates for the growth of local Bioeconomies of all 54 countries participating in the 108000 African Genomes Project based on this agenda.

Eshara is a legal expert, and precision medicine champion who is leading theĀ  implemention of more robust health data governance focusing on patient rights as well as benefit sharing within undeserved populations for their contribution to precision medicine. She advocates for more equitable access by Africa to healthcare solutions developed using African data.

Her high impact leadership has led to the creation and funding of the African and Global Precision Medicine Consortium bringing together both local and international expertise to realise the agenda of the 108000 African Genomes Project. This project bridges the gap between academia and industry for more translational, localised, data driven approach to precision medicine in Africa, with phase one focusing on Pharmacogenetic testing and Pharmacovigilence.

She is dedicated to education to ensure the sustainability of the project, starting at grass roots with the launch of the Antares Genomics Academy offering internationally accredited courses and mentorship to pharmacists and doctors.

Serving as the President of the AGPMC Eshara represents a private sector initiative, leading with the agility and expertise of a seasoned entrepreneur to unify the Continent into innovative action that will drive Africa forward from a health care perspective achieving UHC.